Piedmont Wholesale Flowers Market Manager Job description

The Market Manager is a part time position with primary responsibility being the day-to-day operation of the wholesale market. This will include an on-site presence at the market during all market hours, as well as off-site work during non-market hours.

The manager will be an employee of Piedmont Wholesale Flower Market and will report to the Board of Directors. The Market manager will run the market and make decisions based on the PWF Market By-laws and Rules and Regulations. If questions arise concerning these rules, the market manager retains the discretion to interpret market policy.

The manager will work between 10-20 hours per week during the market season (March-October) and around 5 hours per week during the winter months. Of those hours, the manager will be required to be present 4-8 hours each week of “market time”. The remaining hours are semi- flexible office time needed to perform administrative duties, promote the market, and handle communication with vendors, buyers and the larger community.


Weekly Market Responsibilities:

- Communication with Farmers to collect weekly flower availability and send out pick lists for market pre-orders.
- Updating the online flower shop with weekly availability for florists on a set schedule.
- Set-up and break down market on Wednesdays and handle customer sales. - Coordinate and/or participate in wholesale bouquet assembly.
- Communicate market policies, activities and rules to all vendors as needed.
- Provide customer service and troubleshooting for florists as issues arise.
- Collect direct feedback from buyers and communicate to the Board of Directors.

Market Outreach:

- Maintain and update the market’s website and social media pages with help from Board and interns if available.
- Reach out to florists and other relevant professionals and professional organizations to promote the market as time allows.

- Maintain list of Buyer’s contact information, buyer pass expiration dates and business information.
- Act as a liaison to the market Board and attend meetings as needed. - Handle all PWF email communication in a timely manner.


- Must be proficient at basic computer technology and social media.
- Create and manage word processing documents, spreadsheets, emails and newsletter software. Programs used include Google Drive, Mailchimp and Shopify.
- Update social media pages multiple times a week to continually promote the market.
- Excellent communication and customer service skills.
- Organized, self motivated, flexible, creative and mature.
- Passionate and knowledgeable about local agriculture, seasonal flowers and the local community.
- Able to motivate, coordinate, train and supervise interns.
- Marketing and budgeting skills are desirable.

Salary- $15/hr
To Apply: Send Resume and Cover Letter to Piedmontwholesaleflowers@gmail.com